Flooring Rejuvenation

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For repair or rejuvenation jobs over 20m2, we can connect you with our flooring specialist based in Melbourne. Please be aware that your information will be sent to them (a third party) so they can to respond directly to you. Please fill in the below form to request a timber repair and rejuvenation quote or contact us with any questions.


need flooring supply and install?

If you’re looking for the supply and install of timber flooring, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve supplied countless homes and businesses with stunning new, recycled and reclaimed flooring options. You can request a quote for a supply and install job here.

examples of our flooring

We supply both recycled and reclaimed timber flooring, as well as new kiln-dried timber flooring, all in a variety of species and sizes. We also stock the best finishes, such as OSMO, to ensure your floors are sealed and protected for longevity. There is a lot to know and understand about flooring so more specific information on each of these types of flooring can be found on our flooring page.