River Set Epoxy Kits

Just off the truck

These 2 part River Set epoxy kits are an easy to use, single pour resin system, perfect for deep casting projects like river tables, resulting in a crystal clear finish without using a blowtorch.


  • Low odour, viscosity & exotherm
  • Long working times

Common uses:

  • Deep casting projects (up to 50mm).
  • Decorative timber & resin “River Tables”.
  • Filling & levelling knots and holes in timber.
  • Various resin art.

Epoxy Kit sizes:

  • 2.8kg = 2kg Epoxy Resin + 800g Hardener
  • 7kg = 5kg Epoxy Resin + 2kg Hardener
  • 14kg = 10kg Epoxy Resin + 4kg Hardener
  • 28kg = 20kg Epoxy Resin + 2 x 4kg Hardener


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