OSMO natural wood finishes

OSMO Natural wood finishes are durable, stain resistant and include all the goodness of nature. Good for both humans and wood, they are based on natural Sunflower, Soya, Linseed and Thistle Oils. For this reason, OSMO is a non-toxic, food-safe alternative to traditional lacquers and varnishes.


Easy to apply with great coverage and protection, OSMO oils penetrate the surface of the timber, protecting the timber from deep within. The waxes then protect the surface of the timber from moisture and abrasion, with your timber remaining naturally beautiful, protected and durable.

Australian OSMO stockists

We’re trusted suppliers of the OSMO range and use it on all of our finished products. We offer a complete range of internal and exterior OSMO products in various lustres and tints. From benches to flooring to decking to cubby houses, Osmo’s eco-friendly finishes suit any application. Here are a few of our range:



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